Data Platoon LLC   ​

  • Demarcation, Relocations and Extensions

  • Moves, Additions & Changes-MAC Work

  • Shielded RG-6 Audio and Video Cable

  • Shielded Copper Speaker Wire

  • High Pair Cable for Backbone

Data Platoon's Technicians are qualified to handle category 5 through category 8 newest Giga-Speed data cabling available. Companies are moving towards Voice Over IP and our technicians are qualified to handle category 3 multi-pair counts for the backbone up to VOIP. Data Platoon's technicians can install single and multi-mode fiber from building to building and closet to desktop.

  • Cable Support Systems and Wire Basket Tray

  • Intercom

  • DirecTV and DishNetwork Satellite

  • Audio and Video Rooms

  • and More...
  • Category 3 Voice 10 Mbps Cable

  • Category CAT5 100 Mbps to 5E, 6, 6A, 7, 8 Data Cable from 1 Gpbs to 10 Gpbs

  • Fiber Optic Single & Multi-Mode Cabling

  • Fiber Optic, Underground Loose Tube

  • Data Room Closet Build-Outs

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